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I have no words right now.

NONE. Just tears. TEARS OF JOY.


Rumor: possible *NSYNC reunion at 2013 VMAs

Everyone and their mom is reporting that *NSYNC may reunite this Sunday at the VMAs. Some sources say they will present Justin with the Lifetime Achievement Award he is set to receive, others say they will perform…who knows if there’s any truth to these rumors?!

One source: Huffington Post

Justin Timberlake rules the polls

As reported by a variety of sources, including Time and MTV, when it comes to pop stars in America, there is only one Justin worthy of the title: Mr. Timberlake.

Here are some highlights:

  • Public Policy Polling found that 52% of those surveyed had a favorable view of JT, as opposed to 24% with an unfavorable view (the rest were unsure).
  • 40% said that Justin should spend most of his time making music (as opposed to acting, playing golf, or reuniting with *NSYNC).
  • PPP also asked who those surveyed would like to see as president among a list of eight singers. JT led the poll with a whopping 34% (Adele came in second, with 19%).

Next stop: world domination.