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Justin snubbed at this year’s Grammy nominations

As a card carrying JT fangirl for 15 years, this year’s Grammy nominations are an absolute outrage. Of course you should realize that I’m coming at this situation from a completely biased point of view, but hear me out.

Justin was in line to make history as the first former band member to be nominated for Album of the Year for his first three solo albums. Did he get the AOTY nomination? Nope.

He also didn’t get nominations in either the Record of the Year or Song of the Year categories. Those three categories—Album, Record, and Song—are the “general” categories, the highest honors you can get in the Grammys. Those are the main awards whose winners are usually announced on-air.

Why Justin got snubbed in these three categories is beyond me, especially if you consider Justin’s history with the Grammy Awards.

When he won his first on-air Grammy, he had to make an apology in the middle of his acceptance speech in the wake of the whole Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction scandal. As a fan this was painful to watch because I knew that Justin—and many other artists—consider the Grammy Awards to be the crème de la crème of music accolades. To have this moment in his career overshadowed by an apology speech—particularly for an incident he may not have had any intention to be a part of—surely must have stung. But Justin soldiered on.

In 2007, Justin participated in the “My Grammy Moment” contest. Many of his fans saw this as a sorry attempt by the Grammys to use Justin’s name for their own gain. But Justin maintained his support of the Grammys.

Most recently, Justin staged a comeback performance at last year’s Grammys, launching The 20/20 Experience era. Everyone—fans and casual observers alike—thought this year’s nominations were going to be his for the taking.

In retrospect (and it’s only been 48 hours since the nominations were released), it’s easy to see that Justin’s team knew, or at least sensed, that this snub was coming. Why else would they have been pushing so hard on his social media channels for fans to vote for him for the People’s Choice Awards, a show that is considered far less prestigious than the Grammys? There has been complete silence about the Grammy nominations from Team JT since the announcement Friday evening, and that tells me as a fan that something is not right.

We the fans know that Justin takes criticism seriously. That much was proven in his recent GQ Man of the Year interview. So it’s not too much of a stretch to guess that he feels the disappointment we as fans feel, only much, much deeper.

See the full list of nominees here.