The 8 types of comments you will inevitably find on every Justin Timberlake Facebook post

All of these comments are from this Facebook post, but I find the categories of comments stays pretty much the same across all of Justin’s posts:


1. The comment addressed directly to Justin.


Because I’m sure Justin takes the time to read all of the thousands of comments he usually receives PER POST and puts lots of thought and consideration into each and every comment.

2. The comment asking Justin to visit their country.


3. The comment from the hater.


This particular post was actually pretty tame…

4. The comment from the concerned citizen.


5. The “I earn $5,000 per day by working from home!” comment.


6. The “Like my page plz” comment.


7. The comment that isn’t in any language that Justin speaks (as far as we know, that is).


8. The comment that makes me weep for the future of the English language.



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