Justin on Time’s 100 Most Influential People List 2013!

Justin is listed under the “Icons” category. He also wrote the blurb about Jimmy Fallon, who’s listed under the “Artists” category. For the complete list, see this link.

Justin Timberlake

Musician and actor, 32
By Stevie Wonder
April 18, 2013

We met back when Justin was with ’N Sync and I played harmonica on one of their songs. I found out that his grandfather was a Baptist minister, and that’s reflected in some of the things he does musically — he obviously comes from the church, but he’s also absorbed a lot of different kinds of music: gospel, rock, hip-hop.

His star power comes from the fact that he sounds like he’s having fun when he makes music, and he can read a song—meaning as a singer or songwriter you can feel the emotion. You think, I can relate to that or I believe in that, and then the listener can feel it too. When Justin reads a song like “Cry Me a River” or “Suit & Tie,” you become part of that emotion.

I think it’s a great thing when you do the most you can with the time you have in life. Justin has accomplished a lot at a young age, taking advantage of all the possibilities, and yet he’s found time to give of himself too — he gets and gives back. He has a spirit. He does God’s work through using the most of his talent.

Wonder, a singer, songwriter, musician and producer, has won 25 Grammy Awards

Jimmy Fallon

Late-night host, 38
By Justin Timberlake
April 18, 2013

Jimmy Fallon just can’t help himself.

He’s a brilliant comedian. A talented musician. A spot-on impersonator. Jimmy has redefined and recharged late-night television with a genuine excitement and energy that gets under your skin.

That’s probably because watching you laugh might be the thing that makes Jimmy most happy. This explains this man’s unwavering mission to get me to break every time we do our send-up sketch of the Gibb brothers on SNL. Or why we jump all over each other’s sentences during any segment I’ve ever been a part of on his show. Jimmy’s lightning wit — mixed with a kindness you don’t normally find in comedy — is what makes you feel so comfortable having him in your home every night. And no matter where the joke goes, the audience feels like they are in on it too. That’s because Jimmy loves to share the moment.

Jimmy’s brain doesn’t stop either. He is constantly punching up jokes out loud or improvising when we are in the same room — no matter who else is around.

Picture this: I’m in the heart of an impromptu speech at my wedding reception in front of 150 guests, pouring it out to my lovely new bride. You could hear a pin drop. I paused for just a moment in between thoughts. And then there was Jimmy, shouting a joke from his seat, sparking an improv between the two of us that went on for a good five or 10 minutes and had all our guests roaring with laughter. Interrupting the groom’s speech at the wedding reception? Cracking jokes when your buddy is looking desperately for the words to say that he hopes his wife will remember forever? It turned into a moment that everyone there will remember forever. Anyone else would have bombed on that stage. And then I would have kicked their ass.

But this was Jimmy Fallon.

He just can’t help himself. And neither can we.

Timberlake is a six-time Grammy Award–winning musician


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